Cece's Number 5 Wax Melts

Cece's Number 5 Wax Melts

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Fragrance type: Perfume

Our version of one of the best selling number 5 perfumes (Channelle) of all time. 

  • Top notes: fresh floral ylang ylang, rose petals, and French jasmine.

  • Base notes: vetiver and sandalwood, provides a woodsy bottom.

Scented wax melt wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Total burn time of up to 150 hours.

How to use wax melts: 

  • Break off a cube/block of your wax melt 
  • Place into your tea light burner or warmer
  • Light your tea light candle (if using tea light warmer)

Taking care of your wax melts is very important. For tips on how to get maximum value out of your wax melts, click here

Please note – This is a fragrance duplication. We do not portray our products to be original nor do we depict that they are exact copies; Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison. This website has no affiliation to, nor is it associated or sponsored by any of these trademark owners.